They’re like Mexican hot chocolate in bite-sized form.

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Credit: Hershey's

It’s almost October. For most of us, that means it’s time to scope some early fall foliage while wearing flannel and sipping on a pumpkin spiced beverage. In the world of food product launches, however, it might as well be Christmastime already. And if what we know about 2019’s winter food trends so far is true, it’s shaping up to be the holiday season of cinnamon. They’re like Mexican hot chocolate in bite-sized form

For the latest such example, look no further than these sweet cinnamon-flavored miniature Kit Kats. Following in the footsteps of cinnamon Coca-Cola, this seemingly Christmas-themed candy augments a familiar flavor formulation with a bit of unexpected spice. The packaging describes this holiday-themed confection as “crisp wafers in sweet cinnamon flavored milk chocolate," while also (somewhat confusingly) mentioning that it’s “naturally flavored with other natural flavors.”

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It seems like the cinnamon bun depicted on the packaging tips off how the candy smells, as at least one person who’s tried this treat notes. In terms of flavor, “the cinnamon taste is strong, while the chocolate coating keeps it plenty sweet.” The complete package seems to be a taste not too dissimilar from Mexican hot chocolate.

It doesn’t seem like this is the first time Kit Kat has tested the cinnamon flavored waters— at least internationally. Amazon features a product listing for cinnamon cookie-flavored Kit Kats from Japan, though they seem to be currently unavailable. The phenomenon of offering this flavor stateside sure seems like a newer development, however.

Though they’re available for a limited time as part of a holiday season run, you’ll be able to find these miniature Kit Kats pretty much wherever there full-sized, normal-flavored counterparts are sold. And given the bite-sized nature of this cinnamon goodness, they’re the perfect solution for anyone too lazy to dole out Christmas Cookies this season.