Just in time for Taco Tuesday.
Chrissy Teigen's Taco Bell Idea Makes a Lot of Sense
Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell

Chrissy Teigen, empress of Twitter and cookbook author, has taken to social media once again to tell us how we could be doing food way better—and her latest hack just might change the delivery game forever.

“@tacobell you guys should deliver your taco meat separate from the shell so I can build it myself, thus preventing soggy tacos,” Teigen tweeted. “I like to spread out the duration in which I eat them, sometimes I can take hours. thank u.”

Can we just take a minute to start a slow clap for this 33-year-old fast food aficionado?

If there’s one thing that can bring society together in these trying times, it’s a non-soggy, crunchy taco shell. This argument is totally valid and could turn take-out taco night on its head.

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Unfortunately for all of us, the fast food chain didn’t bite. Chrissy Teigen may be living in 3019, but Taco Bell remains firmly planted in 2019.

“Why not get Taco Bell delivered every hour? No assembly required,” Taco Bell tweeted in response to Teigen’s original idea.

The thread didn’t end there. Teigen (and a supportive fan named Lindsey) persisted:

“Because then you will just have a soggy taco every hour,” tweeted Lindsey, astutely.

Teigen agreed in her closing argument.

“Taco Bell I love you, but lindsey is right. I need my DLT’s deconstructed for maximum pleasure,” she wrote.

Amen, Chrissy. Amen.