The popular retailer is a treasure trove for tough-to-find chocolates from around the world. We tried 8 decadent bars—here's the sweet verdict.
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Cost Plus World Market, the ecclectic shopper's paradise, just got a whole lot sweeter. The popular superstore, known for its vast selection of global foods and exotic home furnishings, is a gold mine for chocolate bars across the planet. We're always looking for something new and interesting in the world of chocolate, so we couldn't be more excited. Here's the sweet truth: You can learn a lot about a country from the chocolate it makes. Whether it’s milk, white, or dark, filled with nuts or swirled with caramel, chocolate travels across borders as a language that everyone can speak.

To help you think outside the (chocolate) box, we scoured the sweets aisle of our local World Market store. The MyRecipes experts analyzed eight chocolate bars from Europe to Asia, and compiled our opinions on taste and texture into this globetrotting guide. Needless to say, it was a pretty “sweet” day to be in the office.

Before you shop, check World Market’s Store Locater to find the closest location. The selection varies from store to store, and you can also order many of their products online.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sweden: Daim Bar

What’s In It: Crunchy almond toffee in milk chocolate
What Our Editors Said:
“The toasty, buttery flavor compliments the milk chocolate coating nicely. This one's a winner!”
"Love the burnt sugar taste and crisp, toffee-like texture.”
“Way too sweet and the toffee gets stuck in my teeth—no thanks!”

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Japan: Nestle Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bar

What’s In It: Crispy wafer coated in Matcha green tea-infused white chocolate
What Our Editors Said:
“Smooth and well balanced. Green tea flavor is super-pronounced, and I love that it’s not super cloying with the sweetness.”
"Creamy, earthy, and not too sweet. Totally not what I was expecting from a Kit Kat, but I'm really digging this."
"Mild green tea flavor at first, and there's a lovely, more pronounced flavor on the finish. A bit sweet, but really nice overall."

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon

Germany: Milka Kuhflecken Bar

What’s In It: Milk chocolate swirled with white chocolate
What Our Editors Said:
“If you’re a fan of milk chocolate—sweet and creamy as opposed to bitter and complex—then you’ll love this.”
“Super creamy and delicious! A small piece satisfies my sweet tooth just enough.”
“Milka is the shit. Reminds me of when my Opa used to bring it to us from Berlin. Creamy-dreamy-chocolatey-deliciousness.”

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon

Germany: Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes Bar

What’s In It: Milk chocolate speckled with crushed cornflakes
What Our Editors Said:
“Invigorating crunch and nicely creamy milk chocolate flavor.”
“I like the crunchy texture, but I want a richer chocolate here.”
“This would be perfect if it had dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.”

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon

United Kingdom: Bounty Bar

What’s In It: Milk chocolate with coconut filling
What Our Editors Said:
“Just like a Mounds Bar, but with more coconut flavor. Pretty filling.”
“Great option if you’re a chocolate-coconut fan.”
“Yeah, this is just British Mounds…”

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon

United Kingdom: Maltesers Teasers Bar

What’s In It: Milk chocolate with crispy malted milk pieces
What Our Editors Said:
“Malt pieces give a nice crunch. The fun, breakable shape that makes for easy sharing.”
“Similar to a Crunch Bar, but better quality.”
“Overpowering malty sweetness. Personally not my jam.”

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon

Italy: Baci Perugina Dark Bar

What’s In It: Layers of dark chocolate and gianduja chocolate (chocolate w/ hazelnut paste) with chopped hazelnuts
What Our Editors Said:
“OMG—I would eat the shit out of this. Basically tastes like Nutella made into a chocolate bar. I want to marry it!”
“Rich, velvety, and delicious. The mix of dark and hazelnut chocolate is totally intoxicating.”
“Super creamy and luxe. The dark chocolate keeps the bar from being overly sweet.”