This is really happening.
Hash Brown Scramble Bowl 1.jpg
Credit: Ashton Staniszewski

Remember the other day when I was preaching about how every meal should be eaten out of a bowl? Well, I’d like to formally take all of that back. Until recently, the idea of a “breakfast bowl” implies a wholesome, healthy start to the day. It’s sprinkled with probiotics and nuts and seeds and fibers that you can’t even pronounce. The influencers you follow on Instagram swear by them, and you don’t know why, but now you do, too. That all changed when Chick-fil-A announced their new menu item, the Hash Brown Scramble, which, for this fast food giant, dangerously flirts with the previously unchartered territory of breakfast bowls.

Forget the hearty serving of quinoa or a dainty bed of greens to act as the health-minded foundation of such a trendy breakfast staple. In this fast food rendition of the breakfast bowl, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, tot-style hash browns, and chicken nuggets or sausage join forces for arguably the most oxymoronic breakfast bowl that has ever faced consumers. Those $15 acai bowls that are sprinkled with chia seeds, coconut flakes, and fresh fruit might be a much better morning gift to your body... but I mean, starting at $3.49, sometimes you’ve got to listen to your wallet, too.

Aside from the obvious price incentive in comparison to other breakfast bowl options, Chick-Fil-A also boasts the hearty serving of protein (30 grams!!) from one bowl. I don’t care if you’re chugging Muscle Milk for breakfast—that is a LOT of protein. That being said, just because a meal is injected with an absurd amount of protein, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s like eating a basket of garden vegetables. We see you, Chick-fil-A, and your cleverly deceptive marketing terms. All that said, yes, you could argue that you’re doing your body a disservice by eating this for breakfast, but there are still far worse options out there. Your breakfast, your choice, as we like to say.

Whether Chick-fil-A is just mocking us all and our Instagram-motivated desires to eat lavish meals out of bowls or they genuinely want to introduce a new, versatile menu item for someone who wants to eat their eggy breakfast sans-biscuit, we may never be sure. Regardless, if you’re looking to part ways with that bowl of oatmeal, smoothie bowl, or breakfast salad, there’s another breakfast option out there waiting just for you, bowl and all.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane