Chester Cheetah Dropped a Diss Track Aimed at Doritos
Credit: Twitter u/ChesterCheetah

When we heard Flamin’ Hot Doritos were returning, we lost our collective minds. But you know who’s not so happy about the comeback? Chester freakin’ Cheetah. In fact, he’s pretty peeved.

Just watch this:

That’s right, the Cheetos mascot actually released a diss track aimed at Doritos. (This is 2019 and we’re getting what we deserve.)

"Come on Doritos, you can't rep the Flamin' Hot name / Watch your step, I'm the OG in the snack game,” Chester raps. “You claim triangle, I made you square / You had to borrow my heat just to make the world care / You got celebs in the remix song / But like a bag of Cheetos, you won’t last long.”

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WOAH. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? Because that was an EPIC BURN.

If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl (or skipped the commercials like some sort of lunatic), here’s the “remix song” Chester’s referencing:

The 1-minute rap wasn’t all insults—Cheetos used it as an opportunity to announce the return of Flamin’ Hot Asteroids.

"Cheetos Flamin' Hot Asteroids are returning as the same product fans remember and love with fun new packaging," a representative told Daily Meal.

The same source also confirmed the spicy product will be available this month.