It’s like a Coke Freestyle machine in a can.

Despite its reputation as a “classic,” Coca-Cola hasn’t been afraid to mix things up with its flavors. Sometimes, a new flavor like Cherry Coke largely ends up working out. In other cases, you end up with relative duds like Coca-Cola Orange or even the outright disaster that was New Coke.

That’s why it’s so interesting that a new flavor made from some of the best and worst of the modifications to Coca-Cola’s formula will be available in one package. Specifically, we’re talking about Cherry and Vanilla Coke joining forces in one single can. How convenient!

If it sounds like this development was inspired by someone hitting a few different buttons at one of those Coke Freestyle machines you see in fast food places, that’s because it’s pretty much exactly what happened. According to information from Coca-Cola cited by The Daily Meal, Cherry and Vanilla is one of the most popular flavor combinations available, which is saying something given how many possible soda permutations the machine offers. In total, Coke claims that DIY soda jerks have served themselves the equivalent of 105.5 million 12-ounce cans of Cherry vanilla Coke since 2017.

Though Coke has slowed its pace of innovation over the past decade, that seems to be changing in recent times. 2020 saw the introduction of Cherry Vanilla counterpart Orange Vanilla Coke, and the impending release of Coca-Cola with Coffee should definitely turn some heads.

In the nearer term, 12-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles of Cherry Vanilla Coke in “regular” and zero sugar editions will go on sale February 10. Will it average out to something that tastes and sells well? There’s reason to believe it should, but only time will tell.