Every summer, we end up trying out a new cocktail that quickly becomes "the drink" of the year. One summer it was White Wine Strawberry Sangria (later affectionately nicknamed Mom Juice). Another year, it was Frozen Lemonade Cocktails. And then yet another ... Strawberry Coladas. My love for Strawberry Coladas goes way back to the first cruise I took in 1996. After the first sip, I was hooked. I don't drink beer, and rarely drink wine, so I tend to veer left more towards the "girly drinks," and Strawberry Coladas fit in there nicely.

Every time we go on vacation, it's my drink of choice, so I was excited when I found a recipe to make them at home. In these current times when staycations are all the rage, the Strawberry Colada is a perfect way to bring a little Caribbean right to your very own backyard. At the end of a long day, make a quick tapas platter or cheese and cracker plate, fire up the blender, sit back and enjoy. It doesn't get much better ... cheers!