It sounds like it’s even edible glitter, too!
Credit: Sam's Club

Cats are arguably the internet’s famous animal, if a wealth of viral content over the years is any indication. Simultaneously, unicorns are mythical, horned beasts whose existence is a subject of endless debate and fascination. So what do you get when you mix cats with unicorns, throw them in a box, and sprinkle in some glitter?

The answer is Caticorn, an ultra-limited cereal from Kellogg’s. As the image on the box illustrates, this is the first breakfast to envision what it would be like if cats and unicorns were able to cross-breed to create a colorful, sparkly creature. The end result is a “fun, quirky, and scrumptious cereal” designed to add instant pizzaz to any breakfast, snack, or dessert.

According to the product listing on the Sam’s Club website, this “meow-gical” breakfast cereal tastes like mixed berries. Tying the mythical theme together, each box comes with a dose of edible glitter, which Sam’s Club claims makes for a “extra-special eating experience.” Hopefully given that the product listing specifically describes its glitter as edible, hopefully this is the kind of microplastic-free glitter that the FDA could condone.

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Fitting for a product themed around a creature of dubious existence, Kellogg’s Caticorn cereal will only be around for a limited time. Evidence suggests you’ll only find it at the aforementioned Sam’s Club (with a price of $6 a box) until some time in March, but it sounds like it’ll be available at Walmart and potentially even other stores into April.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get eight essential vitamins and minerals from a cereal that celebrates a part-cat, part-unicorn hybrid, act fast. And save the box even after the cereal is gone, otherwise no one will believe that you ever saw a Caticorn.