Apparently, they’ll be out early next year.
Carrot Cake Oreo
Credit: Instagram u/candyhunting

If you hadn’t heard, Oreos are killing the game right now.

Nabisco is dropping innovative new cookies and creme products left and right: In just the last few months we got an Oreo dunking kit, an Oreo drink mix, and an Oreo record player.

Well, now it looks like we can add Carrot Cake Oreos to the list.

They’ll be carrot cake-flavored cookies with cream cheese filling--yes, please.

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Somebody at Nabisco must’ve been paying attention to fans. Last year, they asked people to submit their best Oreo flavor idea using #MyOreoCreation--and carrot cake was one of 11 suggestions that actually got a prototype.

TBH, I was a little skeptical about a carrot cake Oreo, but this sounds amazing. No official word yet about exactly when this product will drop, but Instagram user @markie_devo, who actually broke the news in August, says they’ll be coming in early January:

That’s not all! Fudge Covered Oreos may also be on the horizon.

Oh, Oreo. What will they think of next?