Step right up and enjoy a fun-filled night of amusement rides, local entertainment, and an all-access pass to a wonderful plethora of delicious foods at the county fair. I recently visited my hometown in West Tennessee and dropped by our local fair to enjoy some of the festive treats. As this fair season comes to an end I'm trying to incorporate a few different staples into my upcoming parties that will keep the carnival spirit alive.

Meat, veggies, and even sweets on a stick are a popular choice within the carnival world. "Foods on Sticks," as they're fondly referred to, are easy-to-eat treats that can be enjoyed as you walk around deciding what ride you're going to hop on next. Yummy chocolate dipped bananas, crispy chicken on a stick, the classic corn dog, and beautiful bright red candy apples are just a few mouth-watering indulgences.

The fair always has an ambiance of comfort with sounds of sizzling grills cooking succulent grilled corncobs or thick sausage links draped with onions and peppers. Although not the healthiest, food vendors have a tendency to fry everything. I always try to grab a hot peach or strawberry fried pie to munch on for dessert. Wash it all down with a tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade and you've got an evening at the fair that you can enjoy right in your own home. So even though fair season is almost over, you can still get creative with carnival-themed foods at home.

You've heard my top picks. What are your favorite fair-ground treats?