Rap Snacks is making money moves.
Cardi B Rap Snacks Are Coming
Credit: Rap Snacks

I like to consider myself an expert on all things junk food—that’s why I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never heard of Rap Snacks until this week, when the potato chip company announced that Cardi B (a.k.a. the Grammy Award-winning, history-making ICON) would be getting four flavors of her very own.

If you’re similarly uninformed: Rap Snacks creates rapper-endorsed potato chip and popcorn flavors. Are you a Migos fan? You might want to try these Migos-approved “Sour Cream With A Dab Of Ranch” chips.

More of a Fetty Wap fan? Cool. There’s a flavor for him, too.

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Cardi B, though, is the first artist to have four flavors of her very own: Honey Drip Butter popcorn, Habanero Hot Cheese popcorn, Jerk BBQ wavy chips, and Cheddar Bar-B-Que potato chips.

"Cardi B being featured on Rap Snacks is truly a great fit for what our brand stands for," CEO James Lindsay told Complex. "Rap Snacks is a brand that embraces the evolving hip-hop culture and promotes authenticity which mirrors what Cardi B represents. Just like Rap Snacks, Cardi B will always remain true to who she is."

It's not clear exactly when Cardi B's chips will drop, but we'll be sure to let you know when they do.