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Potato chips are one of those snacks you should just always have on hand. A bag of chips and some drinks equals instant party. And you won't find a better way to kick off a dinner party then potato chips and Champagne. It took me years to learn that when you spend all that time planning a lovely meal, you want your guests to get to the table with their appetites whetted, not debilitated by a groaning board of pre-dinner nibbles. Starting your evening gatherings with a bowl of potato chips and some chilled fizz gets everyone's tongue tingling but no one will be full before you serve the salad.

I'm also a sucker generally for a flavored chip and cannot pass by a new one I've never tried, like Roasted Chicken Chips or Cheeseburger Chips. I especially love versions with some acidity: sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, or dill pickle. But these powerful flavors, while great for an afternoon snack or next to a sandwich, are a little much for an elegant evening gathering, and not a great pairing with sparkling wine, so I have always stuck to plain old basic salted chips for my dinner parties.

Until now.

Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips
Credit: Courtesy Cape Cod Potato Chips

Meet my new potato chip obsession: Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips

Cape Cod Potato Chips, famous for its extra-crunchy kettle-cooked chips, has brought back a limited edition of a fan favorite: Limited Edition Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips. Flavored with lemon and cracked black pepper, they are my new seasonal obsession. These magical potato chips bring just enough of that tart acid that I always love, but in a calmer more tempered way that doesn't compete with bubbly, but rather enhances it. Lemon wakes up the palate, which is what you want before a nice supper. The pepper, unlike many peppered chips, is subtle and balanced, just to offset the salt and the lemon.

These chips are essentially my platonic ideal of what a potato chip should be: not greasy, great crunch, with lovely flavor that is there without being a punch in the mouth. They are, of course, absolutely great any time or place you want a potato chip, but they really do shine with cocktails or pre-meal snacks.

Keep an eye out for them at your local Ahold, Publix, and Harris Teeter, and when you find them, stock up! They're only available while supplies last and you'll want to enjoy them all summer long.