Rosé all day, every day.

Canned Rose test taste.jpg
Credit: Courtesy of Trader Joes, Dark Horse, House Wine, Bollicini, Underwood Wines

It’s always a great day in the office when you pop open a bunch of canned rosés and call it research. We sipped our way through the most portable iterations of summer’s most popular drink to determine which brand is your best bet for toting along to your sunny outdoor adventures. The selection of rosés varied in alcohol content, color, dryness, sweetness, crispness, bubbliness, size and price, making the task slightly more difficult than anticipated. However, we persisted through the trials of tasting 10 types of wine before noon, and two obvious winning labels arose.

Overall, the bubbly rosé fared better in the taste test due to the simple fact that most of us are accustomed to fizziness when popping open a canned beverage, and these fulfilled that ingrained expectation. Drinking still wine from a can seemed like a good idea, but we generally found ourselves wanting to pour it into a glass—or a plastic cup, at least.

Wildcard Winner

This limited edition bubbly rosé was a rare gem. It was light, delicately sweet, and had a smooth balance of floral and fruity notes. Plus, the crisp bubbles make it a refreshing drink to sip on any given (hot-as-hell) day. It was a clear crowd favorite among the entire bunch. These bubbly cans are available for a limited time only, so secure yours while you still can. A portion of the sales from this wine will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign that advocates for LGBTQ community.

Overall Best in Show

Union Wine Co. Underwood (375ml; $6.69 per can; ABV 11%)

The Oregon based Underwood Wines, produced under the Union Wine Company umbrella, offers both a still and bubbly canned rosé—and we’re calling out both for excellence. Underwood was among the first canned wine brands to show up on the scene, and is often the case, remains among the best; thus, it’s readily stocked in many grocery stores nationwide.

Underwood took the crown under the still rosé category for it’s dry and nuanced, subtly sweet flavor. Pleasant floral notes, along with a hint of pear, make this easy-drinking wine feel dainty and refreshing. It is incredibly smooth and tastes sophisticated, even drinking it straight from the can. Underwood’s bubbly rosé is slightly sweeter than the still, and gives you that familiar effervescence one craves with the pop of a can. This is definitely a worthwhile go-to for all summer sipping occasions.

1st Runner Up

Bollicini (187ml, $2.79 per can; ABV 11%)

This sweet and delicate sparkling rosé was the next best bubbly in the lineup. The flavor profile included vanilla and stone fruit notes with a slightly minerally undertone. The bubbles were delightfully tiny, which almost every taster called out as a quality they enjoyed. The small serving size makes the Bollicini cans easy to pile into a cooler for a day outside enjoying the sun.

2nd Runner Up

Dark Horse Rose (375ml; $5.99 per can; ABV 12.5%)

The Dark Horse brand landed in the middle of the road for us. It was not too dry, nor was it too juicy-sweet. If you are looking for an everyday type of rosé, this brand delivers one. It’s not overly fussy and has a decent balance of minerally, floral, and acidic notes. It’s the perfect after-work wind-down wine to grab when you don’t want to open an entire bottle.

Sipping on a Budget

Simpler Wines (187ml; 4-pack $3.99; ABV 13%)

If you are looking to ball on a budget, then this branded Trader Joe’s canned rosé is for you. It’s not the best out there, but for $1 a can, you can’t beat the price anywhere. However, keep in mind, you get what you pay for. This rosé is has a slight bitter funk to it; however, there are some citrus notes that offset that funk, and in general, it’s a palatable poolside beverage. Just be cautious how many you’re throwing back.