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Candy Land holds the distinction of being both the simplest and most misleading board game of all time. According to Wikipedia, the only skill required to race through the board and win is “color recognition.” And though the playing surface depicts a Candy Cane Forest and Gumdrop Mountain, there’s been a frustrating lack of any actual candy involved throughout the board game’s history.

Well, that changes right now. According to some sleuthing by Instagram foodfluencer @SnackBetch, there exists a real, spectacular “milk chocolate edition” of Candy Land on store shelves now. In fact, you can buy it on Amazon. Just look at this glorious thing:

You can just tell from the ear-to-ear grin plastered on ol’ King Kandy’s face that this is a dream come true. It looks like this special, confection-based take on Candyland is made from “Belgian quality milk chocolate, and features 33 milk chocolate game pieces. Each of them is wrapped inside one of the color-coded cards you’d draw to move around the board, letting you indulge in something sweet with every turn. The board itself is also made of paper rather than cardboard, highlighting the ephemeral nature of this edible, disposable board game.

According to @SnackBetch, you’ll find Candy Land Milk Chocolate Edition in the “seasonal” section of Target for $10 as well as online, which makes sense given that it’s a great way to trick the family into coming together to play a board game over the holidays.

My one gripe here is that this feels more like “Chocolate Land” than Candy Land, but hopefully it sells well enough to inspire new iterations with a broader set of confections on offer. Until then, this at least stands up as one edition of Candy Land where every player can feel like a winner.