Like most of you, I'm getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday and trying to decide what I will bake. We'll be celebrating this year at my mother-in-law's home, and I volunteered to bring a dessert. Since she lives an hour away, I'm focusing on something fairly portable such a pound cake. Plus, pound cake is one of my favorite kinds of cakes. Just the right amount of sweetness and that rich, dense texture -- yum!

Last week I made some pumpkin bread that my husband (who claims he doesn't like pumpkin!) loved, and we both loved the spicy aromas that filled our kitchen. So while I'm still in that pumpkin mode, I think a pumpkin pound cake will be just the thing. (And I know that canned pumpkin will be on sale everywhere!)

This recipe has a buttermilk glaze, so I'll just make the glaze once I get to my destination. Easy enough. Another great thing about pound cake is that it freezes well, so I can go ahead and make it this weekend and freeze it until next week. Pumpkin Pound Cake gets my vote for Cake of The Week. What cake are you making?