Just look at it.
Pennsylvania Farm Show butter sculpture
Credit: Pennsylvania Farm Show

When Picasso looked at a blank canvas, he saw colorful shapes waiting to come to life. When Michelangelo looked at a block of marble, he saw David. When these Pennsylvania sculptors look at a a stick of butter, they saw this:

Let me be clear: Everything you see here is made of BUTTER.

Just take a minute and admire this attention to detail:

The craziest part? The sculptors started on this thing in mid-December—as in a few weeks ago. So much butter, so little time.

Here’s some background, because I know you’re on the edge of your seat:

The incredible sculpture is a highly anticipated annual staple at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

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"People from across the commonwealth look forward to Farm Show each year, and this sculpture is one of the most beloved parts of this annual event," said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. "But it's more than just butter. It's a way for us to honor our dairy industry in a fun and memorable way—an industry that we work hard to promote and support year-round."

In this past, the exhibit has honored a lot of people and things, including milkshakes, Benjamin Franklin (twice), athletes, and dairy farmers. This year’s theme is "Choose PA Dairy and Find Your Power."

The sculpture, sponsored by American Dairy Association North East, features several people from different walks of life—including a doctor, a firefighter, a soldier, and a dairy farmer—wearing superhero capes.

"The butter sculpture sends a powerful message and is a great reminder to consumers to choose local Pennsylvania milk and dairy products," said Marilyn Hershey in a press release. "Milk's nutrients fuel our body and our brain, so no matter what you do in life, be sure to get three servings of dairy every day."