MyRecipes contributor Martie Duncan sent in this update from the recent South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

If you want to get a reaction from people, just ask them about their favorite burger. I asked that question recently on my Facebook page and got hundreds of detailed replies. People are really passionate about their burgers! Burgers used to be a simple American tradition. We didn’t think about much more than the classic condiments of iceberg lettuce, American cheese, mustard, ketchup, and hamburger dill chips. While I still love an old- school burger, today burgers are trendy, cool comfort food. Superstar chefs who typically create elegant and inspired menus are opening burger joints. Richard Blais has his FlipBurger Boutique where the most expensive burger on the menu is the D’Lux at a hefty $19. Bobby Flay has opened 14 Bobby’s Burger Palace locations in 8 states and you can get all of the burgers “crunch-ified” by adding potato chips. Michael Symon’s B Spot Burgers has an hour plus wait but you can call ahead for a seat.

To create your own spectacular super-star chef burgers at home, here are some of the top burger trends I observed while at the recent South Beach Wine & Food Festival’s Burger Bash:

Ethnic FlavorLook over the menu at your favorite burger restaurant and you will likely find just about every possible flavor profile stuffed between two buns: Mexican, Cajun, Southern, Korean (like this Korean Barbecue Burger) Thai, Italian and Tex-Mex flavors (like this Southwest Salsa Burger) ring the tastes you crave to your backyard burger. My favorite? This scrumptious Italian Meatball Burger… so good!


Stuffed to the MaxStuffed burgers are big! Chefs like Guy Fieri are taking the toppings and putting them inside the burger. Try this Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger or a Jalapeño-Stuffed Burgers With Roasted Bell Pepper Ketchup.


Grind It UpMany top chefs are grinding different cuts of meat to make their specialty hamburger blends. Try Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Burger using ground brisket.

Big Fluffy BunsBuns seem to be the big differentiators when it comes to a good burger or a great burger. More and more restaurants are making their own hamburger buns in house. If you want to tackle it, try these Homemade Hamburger Buns… worth the effort!

Egg it OnAdding a fried, poached, boiled egg slices or egg salad on top of your burger is a real chef-centric trick. Take inspiration from a recipe like Baked Eggs in a Hole to create an Egg in the Hole Burger. Simply cut a hole in the bun top and grill with the egg inside. Want something really glamorous? Try this Mushroom Burgers with Fried Egg and Truffle Oil. Yum!

Let’s get that grill cleaned off, fired up and make some burgers to brag about!

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