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Burger King Unicorn Shake
Credit: Instagram u/@plazaeboli

Sometimes you just want to sip a milkshake that looks it just trotted out of a My Little Pony episode and you know what? That’s perfectly normal. We all crave that every now and again—right?

Well, someone at Burger King Spain can apparently relate. Look at this new Unicorn Shake:

This colorful-as-heck beverage (on menus as El Shake más único) is the definition of extra and we love it. The shake, which appears to be blueberry-flavored, is layered with blueberry and vanilla toppings and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, according to Delish.

Of course, every unicorn needs a horn. That’s where the sugar cone comes in.

Unfortunately, it’s currently only available at BK locations in Spain and Portugal. If this Unicorn Shake speaks to you on a deep level—but you’re stuck stateside—there are plenty of magical treats on this side of the Atlantic.

If you’re feeling ~creative~ you might even want to try out our super pretty, super detailed Unicorn Cake recipe.