The Chip Butty Burger is just a pile of sauced carbs.

Beyond the chicken sandwich wars, the biggest story in fast food over the past year has been the rise of meatless burgers. Though reviews are mixed, Burger King has been a leader of that movement, both with the Impossible Whopper and subsequent attempts to bring plant-based eating to the kid’s menu.

Well I don’t know if that was the inspiration for the latest Burger King test item out of New Zealand, but it sure is something. Behold: the Burger King “Chip Butty,” aka Fry Burger.

It’s pretty much exactly what it says it is, but that doesn’t make it any less absurd. Essentially, Burger King decided to put a bunch of fries— or “chips” to subjects of the British commonwealth— between two buns, slathered them in ketchup and mayo, and called it a day. If you loved all the carbs of a fast food combo meal but hated the main course’s protein, today is the greatest day of your life.

Though the Burger King Chip Butty/Fry Burger might seem like it’s the product of a drunk person breaking into a BK test kitchen, the fry sandwich does have some precedent in the English world. The chip butty is something of a popular snack in England, albeit an unorthodox one by American standards. Leave it to a country not exactly known for its cuisine to think that jamming french fried potatoes between bread counts as a meal.

American audiences probably won’t get to form a Chip Butty opinion of their own (thank god), but it sounds like reviews out of New Zealand are mixed. A compilation of reviews from The Spinoff suggests the quality of the Butty can vary quite a bit, with some liking the amount of fries (up to 26 in one case) and the ketchup/mayo combo they got, while others were left disappointed. At least one naysayer described it as “two dry carbs pretending to be something of substance or flavour,” so do with that what you will.

If you’re passing through New Zealand and have a hankering for carbs stuffed inside other carbs, then you might as well get yourself to Burger King and spend NZ$2 on this. At that price point, it’s at least worth ordering one just to say you did. I just hope this thing doesn’t catch on in the U.S.