That’s one expensive Whopper.

Credit: Roberto Machado Noa/Getty Images

If you haven’t heard about Burger King’s most recent elaborate attempt to ruffle a competitor’s feathers, prepare to cringe: BK has been offering customers 1-cent Whoppers if they order one from the app within 600 feet of a McDonald’s.

Well, karma sucks.

A California man innocently attempted to take advantage of the deal and was slightly overcharged—by $1,093.90, to be exact.

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When Boyce Harvey of Los Angeles arrived at Burger King to claim his penny burger, the manager told him they couldn’t find his order. So, Harvey ordered another deal and went on his merry way. No biggie.

That is, until he checked his bank account. He told 6ABC that his “jaw dropped” when he saw he’d been charged $1,093.91.


Apparently, Burger King is working to straighten out the blunder.

"We've seen tremendous success with the Whopper Detour promotion since its launch last week,” BK said in a statement to Fox News. “We can confirm that the case concerning this guest is related to an isolated technical issue, and we're taking this very seriously. We've been in direct contact with the guest to ensure a full refund is issued immediately."

The deal is in effect until December 12, so make sure to grab a 1-cent Whopper before the end of the day—just make sure to check your receipt after.