So you thought you were cool when you and your friends organized a Bunco group to meet once a month? You love planning the food, emailing a theme, and waiting for the fun to roll in? Oh, and sometimes you actually play Bunco? You're so not alone, and you're certainly not the first hip group of friends to gather for an evening of fun, friendship, and, let's be honest, food!


Bunco Bon BonsThis to-die-for edible dice recipe harks from 1985, making it just two years younger than I am. I think what amazes me most is that it's so simple and yet there was no Pinterest in 1985 to share such simple genius. This is basically a petit four recipe iced to look like a plateful of hot dice. The dots on the dice? Inverted chocolate chips. Boom. What did I tell you? Simple.

While the recipe is simple, the idea is one that's perfect for Throwback Thursday. Let's dig in, shall we?

The word "bon" stems from the French word meaning good (think, bon appetit), so a bon bon is literally a good good. And wouldn't you agree? Typically we think of bon bons and luxurious treats best eaten while lolling in a claw-foot bath tub or on a fainting couch. Turns out, in many languages, a bon bon is the term for candy, meaning that we can expand our vision from a narrow-minded-yet-delicious chocolate candy to any kind of candy at all! There are a few things we can all agree on: Bon bons are round, sweet, and have some kind of coating on the outside. Also, reading "bon bons" over and over will make you bon-bonkers.

As for Bunco? That game came into fashion in the 1800s (cue the fainting couches!) and survived through prohibition in spite of the Bunco Squad's best efforts to quell the raucous Bunco speakeasies. Wait, you didn't realize that major cities like Chicago had Bunco-specific task forces on their police squads? Didn't realize how feisty your dice game was, did you?

Whether you play for the numbers, the bragging rights, or just so you can enjoy the delicious party foods that seem to always crop up on Bunco nights, know that bringing these too-cute, super easy treats to your next gathering will earn you rave reviews, and perhaps a spot in your group's hall of fame.

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel