Need a quick and delicious afternoon snack to keep your energy up through the end of the workday? Skip the snack machine junk food and stash a few Bumble Bee Tuna Sensations kits at your desk instead. These snack packs include 3 oz of flavored tuna (Spicy Thai Chili, Lemon & Cracked Pepper, or Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil) and 6 crackers, plus a little spoon for scooping. Each pack contains 200-250 calories, 3-7 grams of fat, 2-9 carbs, and 15-18 grams of protein, making it a great little low-carb, high-protein afternoon pick-me-up.

My husband and I have tried all 3 flavors, but the Spicy Thai Chili is by far our favorite one! They do come in larger canned quantities without crackers as well, which is an easy way to add a little flavor twist to recipes calling for canned tuna.