We have a LOT riding on this game.
You Can Get Free Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings if the Super Bowl Goes into Overtime
Credit: Buffalo Wild Wings

Even if you’re not a football fan, you may want to tune into the Super Bowl on February 3—there’s a lot more at stake than you may realize: If the game goes into overtime, everyone in America will win a free snack-sized wing plate at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Reminder: The Super Bowl has only gone into overtime once in its 53-year history, when Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to an OT victory in 2017. The Patriots will face off against the Los Angeles Rams in two weeks.

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Listen, Mr. Brady: I don’t care if you win or lose. I don’t care about your past, your personal life, or even that little incident with the ball a few years ago. Just send the game into a fifth period. We know you have it in you. There’s a lot riding on this.

“We know fans get a thrill out of having something riding on the outcome of the game, and given the number of overtime games we’ve seen all season, we wanted to up the ante for everyone,” said Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer of Buffalo Wild Wings. “Even if you don’t have a dog in the fight, we all have a common rooting interest in extending the game because that means more football, and now, free wings!”

Let’s be real: The odds are against us. But if everything works out and the game does go into overtime, you can claim your free wings on February 18 from 4-7 p.m.