Manufacturer FlowersFoods is recalling a few different varieties of baked desserts and breads sold under various labels—including private labels at stores like Walmart.

By Zee Krstic
Updated July 19, 2018
Credit: bbeltman/Getty Images

One of the largest producers of baked goods in the United States has launched a voluntary recall on several of its products due to a possible salmonella contamination in the baker's supply chain, particularly in the whey powder used to bake "Swiss" sweet rolls, which are packaged and sold under different brand names. There's more than five leading national supermarkets affected by the recall, including Walmart, where the retailer's private-branded Great Value Swiss Rolls have been implicated.

Flowers Foods, Inc. launched the recall Thursday, pulling desserts that are packaged under the brand names Mrs. Freshley's, Baker's Treat, and Market Square across the nation—other commercial brands recalled include Captain John Desrt's Old Fashioned Bread, which was a breat distributed in the Southeastern region only. In addition, privately labeled rolls sold at Walmart, Food Lion, and Texas-based H-E-B are being included in the recall as Flowers Foods privately manufacturers these products for distribution across all of these supermarkets' locations nationwide.

According to an official press release, Flowers Foods, also behind popular brands like Nature's Own, Wonder, Dave's Killer Bread, and Tastykake, agreed to launch the recall after a third-party whey powder supplier notified them of the possible contamination. No illnesses have been reported as of yet, but Flowers Foods is asking all customers to check their products' labels for UPC codes and best-by dates to see if their bread is part of the recall.

For Walmart's Great Value bread, the best-by date on products affected range from Sept. 17, 2018, through Sept. 25, 2018, and the UPC code is 078742147550. If you've purchased bread from Food Lion or H-E-B recently, you can click here for an official list of recalled products by UPC code and dates, including information for any shopper who might have picked up one of the commercial brands listed above.

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Customers can bring back any affected dessert or bread product to the supermarket where they purchased it from for a full refund—or at the very least, toss it into the trash. Flowers Foods has a hotline for any related questions, 1-866-245-8921, and can be reached by email here should you have any other concerns or questions.

Eating something contaminated with salmonella could lead to severe illness and various symptoms that are commonly mistaken for other forms of food poisoning. According to the CDC, salmonella symptoms (including severe diarrhea, high fevers, and painful abdominal cramps) can manifest themselves up to 72 hours after digesting the contaminated food.

This is the latest widespread salmonella-fueled food recall in a string of high-profile outbreaks this year, following a massive salmonella-fueled scare over pre-cut fruit in hundreds of grocery stores across eight states last month. 2018, in particular, has been an alarming year for shoppers and home cooks due to the sheer amount of recalls rocking the nation, including one of the worst E. coli outbreaks that Americans have seen since the turn of the century.