It’s like Costco or Sam’s Club, except you can shop from your bed.
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

The benefit of joining a wholesale warehouse store is to purchase necessary, everyday consumer goods in bulk at a lower overall cost than what you’ll find at a typical grocery or retail store. For many, “big box” stores such as Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s are something of an adult wonderland, where one find a vast array of goods from electronics and furniture to groceries and cleaning supplies. However, such efficiency-based joy comes at a cost, as these stores do require a yearly membership fee for access to their massive landscape of wholesale items at discounted prices... Which is why I was giddy with excitement upon discovering Boxed—a new company that allows you to purchase bulk items from your computer or mobile device with a free delivery option and no membership fees.

The NYC-based company carries the majority of items that you would find at other wholesale stores and enables you to conveniently shop without leaving home (meaning, no risk of forgetting your shopping list) and without an added cost of becoming a member. Simply sign up with an email address and begin shopping. For some comparative perspective, Sam’s Club offers a 3 tier membership, with the lowest price starting $45 per year. Costco’s new membership starts around $60, while BJ’s membership begins at $50 annually. The major drawback to Boxed is that, as of now, you can only purchase fresh produce and groceries if you live in NYC. So if you tend to purchase your frozen foods in bulk at the traditional stores, Boxed may not be the best option. However, if you generally hit the wholesale store for other non-perishable goods and shelf stable foods like fruit cups, crackers, sugar, and oil, you may want to consider giving Boxed a try. Their shipping facilities are located in Dallas, Las Vegas, and New Jersey, and the company claims that most orders arrive within 2 business days.

Another perk of Boxed is the free samples section of their website. It’s just like when you go to an actual warehouse store and employees pass out food samples that make you feel obligated to pretend that you’re considering buying the product they’re pushing… except without the part where you pretend you’re sincerely interested in buying a 48-count package of mini cheesecakes. Sounds like a win to me.