Short answer: Yes.
Borscht- Yes, Borscht Nachos image
Credit: Aaron Kirk; Prop Styling: Sarah Elizabeth Cleveland; Food Styling: Robin Bashinsky

In my lifetime, I may never see a day when cheeseburger- and pizza-flavored foods aren’t hitting supermarket shelves, newsfeeds, and restaurant menus. I am fully aware of the possibility (largely because I regularly contribute to its likelihood). There are some foods that are just universally loved and thus, are endlessly popular choices for flavor mash-ups.

Borscht is not one of those foods.

I’d say that borscht is like the kid to get picked last for kickball—except it’s not. Borscht is more like the kid who showed up to P.E. with a smartly detailed, but not desperately elaborate, excuse for why they don’t have their gym clothes today, so they’re really sorry, but they’re gonna have to sit this one out. Borscht is playing a different game altogether.

And I love it.

I’m willing to bet that a lot of, if not most, people don’t see the same beauty and wonder in borscht that I do. (Which, honestly, is puzzling. I mean, it’s a beef* stew… but it’s magenta. Come on.) But in the world of soups and stews, there’s no comparing with borscht—so in my book, there’s no competing with it.

Borscht is comforting and it’s steady, it’s nourishing and hearty. And yet, there’s something so invigorating and bold about it. (Probably the fact that, like I said, it’s magenta.) There’s a uniquely incredible magic in a bowl of this beefy Eastern European beet stew, but it’s not a magic that anyone will likely feel compelled to sell you on. Borscht people… they’ve got nothing to prove. See, the power of borscht isn’t really something you should have to be convinced of. Like… if you know, you know. Ya know?

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You’re not about to find borscht clamoring for your approval or turning cheap tricks for your attention. So when you do finally see borscht bust out of its bowl a bit, well, it’s probably something worth noting. All of which is a roundabout way of saying that borscht is utterly magnificent all on its own, but when a great opportunity for partnership comes along, even borscht can embrace the age-old case for being better together. And thank goodness for that.

Because of borscht’s willingness to share some of its captivating magnificence, you and I can have hope for brighter tomorrows; you and I have can have Borscht Nachos.

Confused? Let me spell this one out. Borscht Nachos: Sweet, earthy beet chips piled high with shredded beef—robustly flavored from a braise with ketchup and paprika—quark (which is a lot like a soft cream cheese, exhilarated with the lively funk of buttermilk), salty and rich queso fresco, bright and tangy sauerkraut, zingy pickled wax peppers, plus fresh radishes and dill for good measure. I know, I know… the magnitude of borscht, coupled with the pizazz and sociability of nachos! People, this is the amalgamation we’ve been waiting for.

GET THE RECIPE: Borscht Nachos

You know how I know that? Simple. It’s unprecedented.

At MyRecipes, we are, quite literally, in the business of recipes; recipes on the Internet. And do you know how many times B.B.N. (before Borscht Nachos) I’ve had an idea for a new dish, typed it into Google, and had no existing recipe results surface? Not even one obscure food blogger who’d taken a stab at the same idea?


Not once.

Never happened.

Until now. Until Borscht Nachos.

And I believe that if we as a people can still cross new brilliantly delicious food fusion frontiers, by George, anything is possible. So go forth, carry this recipe in-hand and this nacho platter-shaped beacon of hope in your heart, and celebrate this day like no day before it.

For unto us, a savior is borscht.

*There are varieties of borscht that do not contain beef, but those are not the borschts I believe in.