It’s like a Thin Mint, but bean-ier.  
Mint Chocolate Hummus
Credit: Boar's Head

Good news: Boar’s Head made mint chocolate hummus!

Bad news: Boar’s Head made mint chocolate hummus.

Like, I get that dessert hummus is a thing that people enjoy. Brownie Batter and Dark Chocolate-flavored mashed chickpeas exist, and they’ve both been met with mild success.

But just because you can do something, should you?

They could’ve stopped there—but they didn’t. Instead, Boar’s Head created a recipe for chocolate mint hummus layered mousse.

It looks like a delicious dessert for people who’ve never heard about cookies, brownies, pies, cake, and, you know, every other dessert.

The limited-edition dip is made with chickpeas, cocoa, organic sugar, and a hint of mint “to produce an extraordinary tasting, healthier indulgence."

I think Boar’s Head and I might have different dictionaries, because I wouldn’t exactly call this an “indulgence.” But different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Just look at the rave reviews it’s getting on Instagram:

I’m glad people are enjoying this new hummus and all, but I’ll keep getting my mint chocolate fix from Thin Mints and ice cream—like God intended.