When I was in Costa Rica earlier in the summer, I was inspired every day by looking at the patch of squash blossoms behind the house next door to our worksite. My mouth would start to water as I imagined myself sitting in a restaurant, biting into a goat cheese-stuffed, deep-fried squash blossom. Yes, these blossoms are bright and beautiful to look at, but even better to eat!

So this past Saturday when I was at the local farmer's market, I bought some squash blossoms and came home with a mission. I've eaten the blossoms in restaurants before, but never actually prepared them. I did follow a recipe for Stuffed Squash Blossoms since it was the first time I had made them, but you don't really need a recipe.

I used a mixture of cream cheese, goat cheese and Parmesan, but you can use any creamy cheese you like. You only need a tiny amount in each blossom. I would say that the trickiest part is not tearing the blossoms because they're quite delicate. Be careful when you're rinsing them and when you're twisting them to enclose the filling.

These really were easy to make and quite yummy. Even my husband, who had never tried squash blossoms before, said that they were great There are lots of ways you can enjoy these tasty little flowers: sauteed, grilled, stuffed, in soups, or as a salad garnish. They're only available in the summer, so pick up a few when you're at the farmer's market and do a little experimenting.