These seriously talented creators are making magic in the kitchen and on the internet.

From simple black boxes to viral educational resources, support for the Black community has permeated Instagram over the last few days.

But one click is not enough.

One way to amplify Black voices in the long term is to continuously follow, interact with, and share the work of Black content creators.

That’s why we compiled a list of 15 of the most exciting Black food influencers on Instagram—check them out below.

Warning: Do not read while hungry.

1. Monique Polanco

Monique Polanco is a New York-based food blogger who shares elegantly styled original recipes on her Instagram feed.

If you love following creators who post magazine-worthy photos, you’ll find serious inspiration here.

Get recipes and more here.

2. Eden Westbrook

Blogger Eden Westbrook says she’s a “meat and potatoes type of girl, who also really, really loves sushi.”

A professionally trained recipe developer, Eden started Sweet Tea & Thyme as a way to share ideas with friends. Now, the food photographer shares easy and diverse recipes with thousands of Instagram followers.

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3. Jessica Hylton Leckie

According to vegan food blogger Jessica Hylton Leckie, “food tastes its BEST when you cook it simply, yet deliciously while highlighting the natural ingredients.”

Follow @jessicainthekitchen for deceptively wholesome recipe ideas (like this macaroni and cheese made with cashew cream).

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4. Scotty Scott

Scotty Scott is a personal chef who runs a successful food blog, Instagram, Twitter account, and YouTube channel—so, yeah, he pretty much does it all.

The Texas-based blogger’s brand, Cook Drank Eat, is ideal for people looking for summer grilling inspiration.

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5. Quin Liburd

Quin Liburd describes her approach to cooking as “simple with little to no fussy ingredients.”

Her perfectly curated Instagram feed makes @butterbeready a must-follow for aspiring bakers and home cooks.

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6. Zainab Storms

We could all use a mood-booster right now—and we know just where to find it.

Zainab Storms, the brains behind A Classic Twist, shares bright, tasty-looking, and downright delightful photos and recipes with her followers.

Get recipes and more here.

7. Aaron L. Oliver

Seasoned and Blessed, run by Aaron L. Oliver, is Chicago’s definitive guide to the black food scene.

This account is essential viewing for anyone planning to visit the Windy City (take a look even if you’re not headed to Chicago, but only if you’re prepared to be very hungry).

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8. Renee “Renz” Robley

Renee “Renz” Robley says she’s proud to “introduce to more and more people the culinary aspects of the Caribbean islands.”

HomeMadeZagat, a gorgeous celebration of Caribbean food, is perfect for people who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.

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9. Jasmine Lukuku

Jasmine Lukuku, actor, brand strategist, and self-proclaimed “wine weirdo,” created The Black Food Bloggers Club, a Facebook group that connects black food bloggers with one another.

You can find helpful wine recs on her personal account, as well as recipe inspiration from BIPOC creators at @blackfoodbloggers.

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10. Mila Clarke Buckley

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Mila Clarke Buckley started The Hangry Woman to help others living with the chronic illness.

Her Instagram feed features recipes, cooking inspiration, self-care tips, and diabetes management resources.

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11. Shanika Graham-White

If you love comfort food with a healthy twist, stop what you’re doing and follow Shanika Graham-White at @orchidsnsweettea_.

Shanika’s stunning feed, as well as her blog, features creative and good-for-you recipe inspiration.

Get recipes and more here.

12. Jazzmine Woodard

Dash of Jazz exists to “help busy women master the art of #adulting,” according to Jazzmine Woodard’s bio.

Simple recipes, life hacks, and fun photos abound on her Instagram feed.

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13. Erika Council

Erika Council, owner of Biscuit Pop-Ups in Atlanta, shares beautiful “tales of food, love and freedom.”

In addition to running a successful blog, Erika is a leading voice in the African American food community.

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14. Shawanda Mason-Moore

Eat Drink Frolic seamlessly blends food, drink, and lifestyle content in an approachable way.

Creator Shawanda Mason-Moore co-founded The Chattery, a Tennessee non-profit learning collective.

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15. Arley Arrington

Follow: @arley.cakes

Arley Arrington, owner of custom baked goods company Arley Cakes, shares stunning baked goods on her Instagram feed.

For some serious inspiration, check out her powerful social justice cakes highlight reel.

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