This past weekend, my husband was telling me about a man he used to work with who often brought an onion with his lunch and just bit into it like it was an apple. My husband proclaimed that "there was no way he would ever do that!" I feel pretty certain that the lunch box onion was a Vidalia, and if it was, I can understand the urge to just take a bite.

Vidalias are really sweet, mild onions that are grown in specific counties in the southeast part of Georgia. They say that it's the sandy, low-sulfur soil that contributes to this amazing flavor. They're in season starting in late spring and throughout the summer.

I try not to buy any other kind of onions as I love the flavor of these so much. I don't usually just bite into one, but I'm thinking that I will. I like put a slice on a big juicy hamburger, and sometimes I just forget the burger and grill the onions. When you use Vidalias for caramelized onions, you get double the sweetness and they are simply divine. Another great way to use Vidalias is in an onion dip. If you think this sounds strange, let me just tell you that after you take one bite of this dip, you'll be off to the store to buy a whole bag of Vidalias. Once you have a whole bag, you'll also want to make an onion pie. Really.

Now don't get just any sweet onions. You need Vidalias. As the saying goes, "If it's not from Georgia, it's not a Vidalia. Trust the original sweet Onion." Each onion will have a little sticker that says it's a Vidalia.

I do have a whole bag of onions now, so let me know if you have any favorite onion recipes I need to try.