...have they seen the movie?
Apparently Restaurants Are Hosting 'Bird Box' Dinners Now
Credit: Eventbrite/Guac y Margys Margaritas Bar

Here’s a quick synopsis for those of you who still haven’t seen Bird Box on Netflix: If you go outside without a blindfold, you’ll see something that makes you want to kill yourself in the most gruesome way possible. That’s it. I just saved you two hours and a lot of cringing.

Unfortunately, the internet isn’t going to let this movie just die—and, like most things that go crazy viral, people are taking it way too far.

Case in point: At least two restaurants are offering patrons a “Bird Box experience.” Basically, they’re asking people to pay to eat dinner blindfolded.

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Completely disregarding the fact that blind dining is already a thing and has been for years, have these people seen the movie?! Spoiler alert: The characters never sat down to enjoy a nice meal.

This reminds me of those scientists who are trying to breed dinosaurs: They completely missed the point of Jurassic Park, and now we’re all going to pay.

Come on, people, we’re better than this. Netflix already had to issue a warning about these ridiculous memes, for God’s sake:

Did we learn nothing from Tide Pods?

If you absolutely insist upon spending your hard earned money this way, you can attend one of these events in Long Island or Atlanta.

But please don’t.