If you're headed to the beach for vacation this week (or just wish you were!), we're here to help with your menu planning. At this time of year, the restaurants are usually jammed and you can find yourself waiting for hours for a table. Why not reduce the stress and enjoy some seaside meals at your beach house?

One of my favorite times of the day at the beach is the late afternoon when I've come in from my beach chair, showered, and am ready for a festive cocktail. One of my new favorites is Frozen Lemonade with Coconut Rum! It's a great choice for the beach because all you need is frozen lemonade concentrate, rum and ice cubes.


Of course, there's no point in having cocktails without a few appetizers, and our collection of No-Cook Appetizers is a great place to start. How does Scallop Ceviche sound?


For your main dish, seafood is the obvious choice, and I'm always partial to shrimp. Keep it simple by just serving peel-and-eat shrimp with cocktail sauce and French bread. Perfect. Add a simple green salad if you wish.


End your meal with Key Lime Pie and everyone will be happy and satisfied and ready for another day of lolling at the beach.


For more beach menus, see Our Best Beach Recipes, and if you need tips for preparing fresh seafood, watch these videos from Julia Rutland, Food Editor at Coastal Living.