If you're ready to make the investment, here are the next-level blender options worth taking a closer look at.
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If you are an avid home cook and love to collect kitchen appliances, you probably understand just how frustrating it is when an appliance simply does not perform the way it should. I recently realized I needed a new blender when my smoothies were significantly chunkier than I would prefer, and when my blender sauces never quite reached the right consistency. I was completely fed up with letting the blender run futility as it attempted to break down frozen fruit, even after my adding more (and more) liquid to get it up and going. I tried and failed to make nut butters with my current blender’s wimping-out motor. I turned it sideways and even shook it a little to give it some motivation. Nothing I did was enough.

I use a blender nearly everyday, and I know the benefits of having a high powered one in your kitchen are immeasurable. I love to use my blender to make dressings, hot smooth vegetable soups, milkshakes, smoothies, dips, and more. I knew finding and investing in a higher quality blender would be well worth my while. I could expand my at-home food prep capabilities to grinding grains and hard cheeses, making hummus and also mayonnaise with ease and speed.

I was ready to step into the real deal professional world of blenders. I needed more power, more umph in my blending… and the cheap one I had was just not gonna cut it any longer. There were a few things I considered with looking to purchasing a new, next-level kitchen appliance. The most important was price. Next came power, overall quality, and speed control. And last, durability.

Upon a quick internet search, a few of the familiar brands popped up in the top results—from Vitamix to Breville and Ninja. As many of these blenders come with a hefty price tag, I wanted to make sure I found the blender that made the most sense to have in my kitchen as a home cook. In terms of power, a blender with at least 1,000 watts will crush just about anything food product you need within seconds. For me, the blender’s components also need to be dishwasher-safe and free of BPAs (each blender listed below have BPA-free jars).

After going through rounds of research and reviews, I realized, I couldn’t be alone in my journey for better blending. So I went back through my notes and compiled a list of the 5 best blenders for the home cook here. Trust me, once you make the leap, your blending life will be forever changed.

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Buy it: Ninja Professional Blender, $99, Target.com

Motor: 1,000-watts

Pros: The most affordable (best bang for your buck) entry-level, high-powered blender that pulverizes food effortlessly. The blades will not spin unless the lid is locked in place, which is a great safety feature if you have kids at home. It offers an intuitive design with 3 speeds of mix, blend, and crush, as well as a “pulse” function.

Cons: You have to be careful cleaning the vertical blade. Some reviewers of the product reported that they have cut their fingers while handling the blade. (Handle with the same caution you would when washing a knife, and this shouldn’t be an issue.)

oster versa blender
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Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender

Buy it: Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender, $180, amazon.com

Motor: 1,400-watts

Pros: The Oster Versa offers a 7-year warranty. And this is (IMO) the most stylish of the bunch, with fiery red accents and a minimalist approach to function. With an easy-to-use variable speed dial, it has 3 pre-programmed settings and “pulse” button. The Oster has one of the lowest profiles of any of the blenders here, so it should fit neatly in most cabinets.

Cons: According to reviews, it will blend and mix well, but struggles to chop ice as finely as the other blenders.

blendtec blender total
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Blendtec Total Blender Classic

Buy it: Blendtec Total Blender Classic, $354, amazon.com

Motor: 1,560-watts

Pros:You get 6 preprogrammed cycles including features for hot soup and batters, with a very simple touch pad and food graphics labeled for cycle speeds. When you use the pre-programmed settings, the machine will start and stop on it’s own. The base is made of polycarbonate and can withstand normal wear and tear well.

Cons: This powerful blender is much louder than your average home blender. Though the base is sturdy, the jar scratches easily and you have to be careful with the cleaning materials you use on it.

Breville Boss Blender
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Breville Q Blender

Buy it: Breville Q Blender, $399.99, williams-sonoma.com

Motor: 1800-watts

Pros: This Breville blender comes with a 7-year warranty, 12 speed options, and 5 preset buttons. The lid’s design fits snuggly and also allows for good ventilation. This blender also goes above and beyond with a self-cleaning function. The blade has serrated edges for overall more efficient blending and breaking down food.

Cons: Also counting the lid as a “con” here, because it’s a little difficult to remove. Along with the hefty price, it is also literally quite heavy, weighing in at 17 pounds.

vitamix 5200 blender
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Vitamix 5200 Blender

Buy it: Vitamix 5200 Blender, $450, amazon.com

Motor: 1500-watts

Pros: The Vitamix 5200 also offers a great 7-year warranty. It’s manufactured and assembled in the US (Cleveland, Ohio) and is available in 5 different colors. This model has a cooling fan that will help the blender from overheating and burning out. The speed dial allows you to have variable speed control over whatever you’re blending. And in addition to the machine’s other blending functions, you are able to “juice” fruits and vegetables with a super high speed setting and strain out the remaining pulp. It also comes with a “tampering tool” to aid in better circulation.

Cons: Being that it’s the priciest blender on the list, you’re looking at a serious investment here. The Vitamix is also quite loud. Reviewers have also found the jar a bit bulky and awkward to get the contents out of if they are sticky or thick.