How did these not already exist?
Credit: Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s are giving the people what they want, and what they want is cookie dough. This past fall, they separated the dough from ice cream with their snackable cookie dough bites, and now the dairy behemoths are releasing three new Cookie Dough Core flavors. As always, the dough is made with heat-treated flour and pasteurized egg yolks, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about food-borne illnesses that taint regular homemade cookie dough. Let the euphoria commence.

First up is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core, which slams a slab of cookie dough between Cookie Milk Ice Cream with Fudge Chips. More cookie dough sounds good, so keep these coming. Next we’ve got Wake & “No Bake” which combines Vanilla Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cookies, Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Fudge Chips, and a No Bake Cookie Dough Core. Finally, for the sugar cookie addicts, there’s the Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough Core, comprised of Sweet Like Sugar with a hint of Almond Flavor & Shortbread Cookies, Cherry Ice Cream with Cherries, and a Sugar Cookie Dough Core. Whew!

“We wanted to give our fans a chance to expand their love of our cookie dough flavors and offer both classic and entirely new combinations,” Ben & Jerry’s flavor guru Craig Koskiniemi said in a press release. “In trials, our fans clamored for the new Cookie Dough Core flavors.” Hey Craig, you’re doing great, please keep the Cookie Dough Core flavors coming.

All three flavors are now available at Scoop Shops and retailers and cost between $4.29 and $4.99.