It won’t bring back Friends, but it’s still good.

Ben & Jerry’s is truly magical stuff. For that reason, it’s perfect for eating right out of the carton, and I’m also pretty sure that it’s impossible to do that and NOT be watching television at the same time.

So with that in mind, the Vermont ice cream maker’s latest partnership seems like a match made in binge watching heaven. Enter the punnily titled Netflix & Chill’d, the perfect third wheel to any steamy, late-night streaming sessions.

In terms of tastes, this pint is equal parts sweet and salty. It starts with scoops of peanut butter-flavored ice cream. Because this is a Ben & Jerry’s pint, the fun obviously doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find salty pretzel swirls and gooey fudge brownie pieces, working in additional sweet, rich, and salty notes and adding some varied textures. Basically, it’s like a whole platter of movie night snacks distilled into one perfect, ice-cold package.

The good news is that you don’t even need to tolerate lactose (or your significant other, really) to enjoy this new Netflix-themed pint. In the U.S., you can find a dairy-free version of Netflix & Chill’d in grocery stores and at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops, just like with the “regular” version.

So if you’re still devastated by the disappearance of Friends from Netflix and need the perfect pint to help you eat the pain away, look no further. Also, just know that you don’t need to share this with anyone special if you don’t want to, because there’s nothing sexier than treating yourself to something sweet.