Ben & Jerry's ditches the ice cream in their newest product, here's what we thought.
Credit: Ben & Jerry's

Update, April 3, 2019:

Looks like all those requests worked, because Ben & Jerry's is releasing their Cookie Dough Chunks nationwide and added a non-dairy variety.

Later this month, you'll be able to purchase chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, and vegan chocolate chip Cookie Dough Chunks at national retailers and participating scoop shops. The cost will differ based on location, but it should be somewhere around $4.99 for a 1/2-pound bag.


I like my dessert with some texture, so there’s a strong chance I’ll reach for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s when I’m feeling low or need ice cream (or frozen yogurt, because they do a good job with that!) for medical purposes.

Cookie dough pairs fantastically with ice cream (I mean, I prefer brownie bits, but I’m also not about to turn raw cookies down either), but now, of course, the trendy thing is paying $5 for a cup of dough with your choice of toppings at a “dessert bar.” People, just break off a Tollhouse square and call it a day. These snackable Cookie Dough Chunks, then, must be Ben & Jerry’s answer to the trend.

Earlier this year, Ben & Jerry's announced they were testing Cookie Dough Chunks in select scoop shops in Vermont. They are considering bringing the bites to other states, so go on and send all the requests. Never has there been more solid proof that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Currently, the snackable dough is only available in two flavors: chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip. I imagine that’s because chocolate chip is the go-to when cookie dough bits are smushed into ice cream. Oh yeah, and these babies don't contain raw eggs, so they're safe to eat.

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The chocolate chip Cookie Dough Chunks weren’t overwhelmingly sweet and delivered a buttery flavor that increased as they warmed up. Unsupervised, you could definitely eat the entire bag. Strangely enough though, the majority of our tasters found themselves wanting the snackable dough bites in or over ice cream, which Ben and Jerry have been doing forever.

I can’t eat peanut butter because it makes my mouth itch like crazy, but our tasters overwhelmingly preferred the chocolate chip cookie dough over the nut-buttered version. The peanut butter flavor overpowered the chocolate chips, and although it did offer a pleasant texture, we’re standing by the straight-up chocolate chip variety as the dough to do. Look, you can’t go wrong with the classics.

Our staff additionally appreciated how the dough chunks weren’t all identically sized. Eating two smaller bites before a large one just made the experience a little more engaging. Overall, Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream-less offering makes for a pretty fun snacking moment, but slightly less fun with peanut butter.

Here’s the real question, Ben & Jerry’s: When are you making snackable brownie dough?