I have a friend who has given me a great piece of culinary advice: "If you're looking for the best barbecue joints, eat at the ones that have a pig on their sign." I've been following his advice for years and haven't been disappointed yet. This past weekend my husband and I were at Callaway Gardens and drove over to nearby Pine Mountain, Georgia for lunch. When I saw the sign for The Whistling Pig Cafe and all the motorcycles in the parking lot, I knew where we'd be eating!

I had the smoked chicken and my husband had the chopped pork, both of which were good. But we were most impressed with the Brunswick stew. It was some of the best I've had in a while. This was packed with pork and chicken from the smoker out back and was a little bit tangy. Sometimes there's just too much ketchup and brown sugar, making it too sweet for my liking. This was perfect! They also had fried green tomatoes as a side dish choice, and this made me so happy.

In addition to the barbecue, there were some other things I just loved at this place. For one, the unsweetened tea was in a regular pitcher like you'd have at home and I just poured it up myself. I guess they figure if you're silly enough to order something other than sweet tea, you might as well get it yourself. I also was quite taken with the salt and pepper shakers that had been 8-ounce glass Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper bottles in a previous life. And, as yet another nod to the pig, they had fresh pork skins right next to the front door. Not the prepackaged kind, but fresh and placed in ziplock bags. The pig on the sign did not disappoint.

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite BBQ joints and the kind of "cue" you enjoy the most.