Stock up before it’s too late.

By Sarra Sedghi
Updated February 28, 2020

When I was in high school, a kid in my grade had a party with a Baja Blast fountain. I wish I could tell you more, but I was not invited.

Old grudges aside, Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast is one of the greatest soda spin-offs of all time. Usually exclusively available through Taco Bell, Baja Blast occasionally enjoys limited releases at major retailers like Sam’s Club, Dollar General, and Walmart. It’s got a massive following, and many of its devotees are members of Reddit’s Mountain Dew community. And every so often, a serious fan or rogue Pepsi employee will post an update on new or returning flavors.

And that is exactly how we found out that Baja Blast, for a limited time, is coming back to Walmart. According to Mountain Dew enthusiasts, the release is slated for March, but some people have already found Baja Blast in their local stores. Redditor u/Richwoodrocket found 12-can boxes in Western New York, and word is that this release will be national.

Earlier this week, u/TWISTeD398 posted new can designs for Baja Blast and Zero Sugar Baja Blast, and they look good.

Last year, a Pepsi employee shared the news that bottled Baja Blast and Zero Sugar Baja Blast would be available outside of Taco Bell stores. And what do you know, this product design and the 16.9 oz. bottles that were spotted this morning do in fact correlate.

It looks like Baja Blast is also showing up at independent grocery chains, keep an eye out at them as well as your local Walmart for Baja Blast and Zero Sugar Baja Blast, and stay tuned for updates.