Finally, a cupcake you can drink.
Credit: Photo courtesy of Baileys

No flavor defines the world of upscale cupcakes like red velvet. Both visually striking and deliciously decadent, it’s hard to consider yourself a cupcake connoisseur without indulging in this brightly-colored treat every now and then.

Thanks to a clutch collaboration between Baileys and a bakery that’s arguably most responsible for the modern cupcake renaissance, you can now drink a red velvet cupcake with some booze thrown in to boot. The Irish liqueur company has entered a partnership with Washington DC’s famous Georgetown Cupcake to release a limited-edition red velvet version of the smooth, sweet Irish coffee companion that serves up “a chocolatey treat straight out of the bakeshop,” according to a product description.

Those who aren’t of age or would rather skip the 17% ABV drink will be relieved to know that this collaboration is a two-way street. Georgetown Cupcake, who are already known for their near-perfect take on red velvet, will be baking up a special Baileys Red Velvet cupcake that’s “infused with a non-alcoholic Baileys Irish Cream essence [and] topped with a gold fondant heart embossed with the Bailey’s logo,” per their menu. In even better news, you can place an order for these non-alcoholic-yet-boozy cupcakes near a Georgetown location in DC, Bethesda, LA, New York, Atlanta, or Boston while it’s on the menu in the months of November and December.

For Georgetown Cupcake, the partnership should be exactly what both its owners and fans are looking for. “We absolutely love Baileys, so this is a really exciting partnership for us that has been an absolute treat to work on," co-founders Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne said in a statement accessed by Thrillist.

So if you like liqueur cupcakes, or both, you’re gonna want to get your hands on this limited-edition Baileys bottle while supplies last. Dipping your regular red velvet cupcakes in alcohol will never taste the same again.