In efforts to reduce myself, I stocked up on healthy, "work" snacks at my local Publix. I purchased a bag of Organic Snyder's of Hanover Honey Whole Wheat Pretzel Sticks packaged in a bag made of 90% plant based materials. I got back to work, reached for my pretzels, and then stopped right there. The bag itself is deafeningly loud. There's no quietly reaching for a pretzel, the whole office knows what you're doing and just how many times you're going to reach into that bag. This does aid my healthy eating for two reasons: 1-I've got to really want one of those pretzels before I'm going to deal with that bag and 2: I'm obligated to share (always a good thing) because everyone knows what I'm eating (and the pretzels are delish).

While this bag is obviously a win for my personal reduction purposes (for unexpected reasons), it is also making great environmental reductions, according to Food Biz, this new packaging comes from the company Clear Lam which after a year of research and development has replaced conventional petroleum-based plastic with one made from "renewable Ingeo PLA (Polylactic acid)." This new packaging is made with half as much energy and produces 52% fewer greenhouse gas emissions while manufacturing than traditional packaging.

These are all great things, but in all honesty, I won't be buying another bag. They are simply too loud. I thought that I could transfer the pretzels into another bag, but that entirely defeats the purpose of eco-friendly bags. Don't worry that I'll go buy a "normal" bag of pretzels. Now that I've given so much thought to the healthy me/healthy planet issue; I realize that I'll stick with 100% naturally packaged things -- like fruit. All in all, eco-friendliness wins out, but not how Snyder's envisioned it. Although, they have raised a very good point.

Are you buying the bio-bags? Do you think the bags should be reworked?