By Jessica Snead
September 23, 2015

I don't know about you, but all someone has to do to grab my attention these days is merely utter two little words in conjunction: bacon-wrapped. Just the words themselves conjure up tempting and mouth-watering thoughts of party appetizers, tailgating food, and yes, even desserts. In my mind, there is nothing that can't or shouldn't be bacon-wrapped. There is something particularly special that happens when you bacon-wrap something sweet. The rich, salty, crispy bacon contrasts the sweet flavors so deeply that it really becomes the perfect flavor marriage.

This is the case with bacon-wrapped dates. With only two ingredients, you know it's going to be super easy. The key to this dish is making sure you cook the bacon until crisp but don't overcook the date inside. Also, make sure you use a non-stick frying pan for the best results. Beyond that advice, all I can say is eat up, indulge, and enjoy!

Check out some of our favorite bacon-wrapped dishes below and simply click an image to get the recipe.

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