Is this becoming a trend?
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Remember when 2019 was the summer of hard seltzer? God, that felt like an entire lifetime ago. As we enter what could be a brutal summer, it seems like the winds of booze are shifting: It’s not enough to just put alcoholic seltzer in a can anymore, you have to give the people something real.

At least that’s what Barcadi is hoping. They’ve recently introduced a new line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails made with actual rum and without any artificial sweeteners. They don’t have a clever name beyond the fact that they’re “real rum cocktails,” but that sort of straightforwardness could go a long way.

The canned cocktails are available in three flavors, each of which pairs Bacardi Superior Rum with ingredients like cane sugar and natural juices or concentrates into a 5.9 percent ABV beverage. The lineup includes Lime & Soda, which “radiates on the taste buds with aromas of lime zest and glistening bright citrus notes.” That’s followed by the redundant-sounding Limon & Lemonade, a “blend of bold lemon flavor with hints of lime and grapefruit balanced with refreshingly sweet and tart lemonade.” If you want to mix the fruits up a bit further, the Rum Punch packs in pineapple, sweet orange, and ripe mango with a hint of passionfruit.

With a year since the great spiked seltzer onslaught, it seems like Bacardi is just the latest example of spirit brands trying to keep up with the times. Absolut also just released a line of canned cocktails with vodka, so it seems like these brands are intent on leveraging the fact that they’re made with real liquor rather than the vaguely-defined “alcohol” that ends up in some hard seltzers.

Even if you don’t care about the increasing number of entries in the “canned beer alternative” wars, it’s good to know there’s yet another option out there for summer drinking. After all, why make a cocktail yourself when you can just reach into the fridge?