Buy a pair and then sell them on the secondary market to buy a house.
Saucony Shadow 6000 Avocado Shoe
Credit: Sneaker Bar Detroit

If you’re not the kind of millennial who spends too much money on avocado toast, then there’s a decent chance you are the kind of millennial who spends too much money on shoes they probably don’t need. But if you happen to be in the middle circle of that Venn diagram, boy do I have a new shoe to show you.

Soon, sneakerheads and foodies can cop a pair of Saucony Shadow 6000’s in a crispy new “avocado toast” colorway. Truly, the brand who gave us a limited edition Dunkin’ Donuts running shoe is at it again.

Every design detail of the shoe attempts to evoke the look and feel of today’s trendiest (and oft-ridiculed) breakfast, all adding up to one healthy look. There’s no need to experience “avocado anxiety” when it comes to this shoe, because its upper uses two distinct shades of green that seamlessly blend together to mimic the shade of a ripe, creamy, and ready to eat avocado. The shoe’s mudguard (which is apparently the technical term for “lower part of the shoe”) and heel depict a shade of perfectly-toasted bread. The contrast of leather and suede used to represent the avocado and toast provide an interesting textural accompaniment that evokes the crunchy-creamy sensation of avocado toast.

As if that wasn’t enough, the shoes inner lining pairs a neon-green shade of avocado with red pepper flakes to make it clear that this is some gourmet avocado toast. A depiction of a halved avocado (with dangerous-to-remove pit) on the insole complete the effect of this “Saucomole” shoe.

You won’t have to take out a loan to cop a pair, because the avocado toast Shadow 6000 has a fairly reasonable retail price of $140.00. You won’t need to make a brunch reservation to get yours, since they’ll be available online and at select retailers starting on February 26th. That avocado drip won’t be around forever though, so act fast if you want to put a hip breakfast on your feet.