It has long been a pet peeve of mine that bacon does not come in resealable containers. Unless you are cooking for a relatively large family (at least larger than ours at 2 adults and a mush-and-milk-eating baby), it's pretty likely you're not going to eat the whole pound. So then you end up either tossing the extra, wrapping it up somehow for later, or in fact actually eating all of it - which isn't good for anyone's arteries. I have always wondered why, in this day and age, no one could make the leap to sell bacon in a more sensible fashion.

Hello, Oscar Meyer Center Cut Bacon! For the first time ever, I found resealable bacon at our local Publix! Even better, it was on sale (center cut bacon is apparently pricier - who knew) and lower in fat than regular bacon (another little known fact - at least to me - about center cut bacon). Last weekend I fried a few slices in our skillet and returned the unused portion to our fridge, nicely sealed - no plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or tupperware required. Hallelujah.