#GoingUnfiltered fuses new hard cider flavor with vanilla and other apple-y flavors.
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Credit: Angry Orchard

It’s not a direct correlation, but there’s no doubt that the popularity of hard cider has gone up in recent years as tastes have shifted away from beer. Perhaps in recognition of that, Angry Orchard, who’s been largely responsible for bringing sippable cider to the masses, has come up with one cool way to celebrate the end of their biggest decade to date.

Specifically, the Boston Beer Company subsidiary has collaborated with Tipsy Scoop to create a custom ice cream flavor that proves you can have your cider and eat it, too. It’s called #GoingUnfiltered, a celebration of Angry Orchard’s latest release, an unfiltered cider known for a more subtle and crisp flavor than the more refined and classic flavor with which you might be familiar.

#GoingUnfiltered takes that cider taste and pairs it with a vanilla ice cream, but absolutely doesn’t stop there. Rounding things out, you’ll find cinnamon, brown sugar, and actual pieces of caramel apples, elevating it into a sort of boozy apple pie or caramel apple. I guess you’ve gotta work in the seasonal flavors if you’re trying to get someone to eat ice cream in December.

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If you want to enjoy #GoingUnfiltered at a brick and mortar ice cream parlor, you’re going to need to head to one of a select few Tipsy Scoop locations in either Brooklyn or Manhattan. If you really, really need to get your hands on an Angry Orchard-inspired ice cream, you can pay $99 plus shipping on Goldbelly to have it delivered to your door. Even better, free scoops will be available on December 21st, since nothing says “winter solstice” quite like free ice cream. So enjoy the shortest day of the year with a summer treat that tastes like alcoholic apples. Why not.