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The idea of this butter spread on a juicy, hot steak rocked our worlds. It was super-creamy, whipped with finely minced truffles and truffle oil, leaving it rich but still airy and fresh-tasting. We tried it spread on toast, and it was the perfect answer to why the market is trending towards specialty items. How did we ever live without Black Truffle Butter?

The smiling man holding the gold statue is Thierry Farges. He and fellow owner Francois Baumont of Transatlantic Foods won this year's Outstanding New Product award, a coveted honor in the specialty food trade industry.

Truffles were certainly a trend at the show too. Truffle oil, truffle flour, truffle butter, truffle honey, truffle pasta, truffle salt ... I didn't mind. The truffle salt lady almost had to kick me out of her booth.

Back to the butter. It was divine and Thierry and his wife Amy, who was also working the booth, the warmest of couples. We left their station with two butter samples, Amy's Mushroom Cookbook, and a few good stories. (Since we were from the South, they wanted to know if we had ever heard of noodling, AKA, diving for catfish. Long story ...)

A well-deserved win.