Whether I'm on vacation or just dying to feel like I'm on one, crab cakes are my go-to dish. I've ordered them in dives and white tablecloth cafes. They've come with fries, corn nuggets, lemon orzo, and green salads. Topped with bacon and tomato, drizzled with aioli, or speared by threes on wooden skewers, crab cakes are the one appetizer, salad topper, and main dish entree that I'm guaranteed to like. I've never met one I didn't love and have never been served one I couldn't finish.

Thankfully, I've learned to make them at home. Recipes vary. Add breadcrumbs. Never add breadcrumbs. Serve with lemon. Serve with ketchup. Pair with fries. Cook in castiron. Cook in non-stick. Bake in the oven. Whatever your culinary quirks, there's a recipe that's perfect for you. In the meantime, start with Crab Cake Sliders. And maybe some fries, on the side. Oh, and bacon...

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel