I've always loved yogurt. Add some granola, and you've got breakfast. Short on time? Spoon for a snack. Need to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth? Serve up vanilla. It's versatile, creamy, cool, and healthy.

And here comes the discovery. On a trip to the Walmart Neighborhood Store, I stumbed upon Fage, a Greek yogurt. I've heard about Greek yogurt for years but never tried it. (As a former Cooking Light employee, I even read articles on how easy it is to make. The yogurt is strained differently to remove the whey, giving it a thicker texture and adding protein.) I grabbed a tub.

The next morning, my view on yogurt changed for life. That sounds overtly sensational, but I'm not kidding. Greek yogurt is nothing like normal yogurt. It's rich, uber-filling, and the texture is similar to soft serve ice cream without the sweetness. Example: Ever heard calorie-cutting tips like substitute sour cream or whipping cream for plain yogurt and thought, "Sure, if you don't care about taste." You COULD with Greek yogurt; it's that rich and creamy.

IMHO, anyone who hasn't tried it should. I picked up the Oikos brand from Stonyfield and like it too. It comes in vanilla, honey, and blueberry flavors.

I found brands at Walmart and Publix, although regular stocking seems come and go. If anyone knows which stores are carrying which brands, please post. Walmart had the better pricing, which is considerably higher than normal yogurt, but well worth it. Instead of eating two servings, I eat one!

Make granola happy. Buy Greek yogurt ;)


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