Buuuut… there’s a catch.
Credit: FRED DUFOUR/Getty Images

Good news: Aldi is hiring 30 taste testers to review free wine.

Bad news (for those of us stuck stateside): The Aldi Wine Club, like so many wonderful things, is only available to people who live in the U.K.

The chain will select “burgeoning wine experts” every three months to taste and give their thoughts on select bottles of wine. All participants have to do is review the wines on Twitter using #AldiWineClub.

If you’re not a seasoned sommelier, that’s A-OK—Aldi will send tasting notes each month to guide you on everything from the aroma and body to the taste.

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Are you an interested party living in the U.K.? Send an email to wineclub@aldi.co.uk with your name, your Twitter handle, and a persuasive 150-word essay about why you’re the person for the job. You also have to provide proof that you’re over the age of 18.

Technically, you won’t be compensated (monetarily) for your tasting services—but free wine is all the payment we’d need, thank you very much.