Another day, another adorable heart-shaped product.

We’ve reported on a lot of new heart-shaped food products lately. Like a lot.

It is almost Valentine’s Day, after all.

But nothing—and I mean nothing—has gotten us into the spirit of the season like this:

This Heart-Shaped Cheese From Aldi Will Make Your Valentine's Day
Credit: Aldi


What you see there is Aldi’s Happy Farms Preferred Valentine’s Day Cheese Assortment. It includes four limited-edition cheeses, two of which are shaped like hearts.

The Mature Cheddar’s packaging looks similar to that of a plain old box of chocolates. Your Valentine will be thrilled to discover, though, that it is actually just straight cheese.

The other heart-shaped one sounds incredibly decadent: Wensleydale (a crumbly, cheddar-like cheese that is made in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire) with raspberries and white chocolate.

The round ones, while less exciting, still sound delicious: There’s another Wensleydale with cranberries and a Creamy Cinnamon with raisins and diced apples.

As for pricing, these cheeses are a steal at just $4 a piece.